Roasted Jalapeño Hummus

So spicy, so hummus-y. My intentions were to make a roasted beet hummus, similar to the beet and coconut hummus I did way back when I didn't think measurements were important (ha!) Then a sad, sad thing happened. The grocery store didn't have any beets. So sad. Then a good, good thing happened. I saw a big 'ol package of jalapeños staring back at me. So good! I immediatley switched my mindset to Roasted Jalapeño Hummus. Genius. So I grabbed those babies and skipped my way gleefully down the street. Then I stopped skipping because there was some grumpy looking French man staring at me. Merde. Mouth, prepare to be kicked. You can go easy on the jalapeño if you are a timid spice person, but I can't resist but add some serious jalapeño punch. This hummus is spicy, lemony, light, and … [Read More...]