Vegan Gingerbread Cupcakes

It's beginning to look a lot like deliciousness, everywhere you go! (Sung in brilliantly, gorgeous, singing voice, of course). These cupcakes are my new favourites. Rich, Christmas spices, a moist and chewy cake, making that perfect gingerbread texture (in my not so humble opinion). All topped with a salted caramel gingerbread frosting. Let's say that again, salted caramel gingerbread frosting. I mean really, is there anything else you need in life? A spoon maybe? This recipe took some serious work in the kitchen. Serious = lots of batter eating.  You might have seen my sunken cupcake attempt on Instagram or Facebook, but not to worry, I figured it out. The secret? Three tips! Preheat your oven, no last minute warm ups. Some older ovens can take a long time to heat up … [Read More...]