Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Own Blog

If you are reading this and thinking "heeeyyyyy, this isn't a delicious or scrumptious vegan recipe!", then never fear, more recipes are coming right after this. If, however, you are thinking "I wonder how easy it would be to start my own blog?", then this is the post for you! Every now and then I get a question from a reader, wondering how they can start their own blog, so I designed this simple guide with step by step instructions and pictures to have you up and blogging in less than 15 minutes! It's so quick and easy to get started, IF you know what you are doing. I  WISH I had this guide when I started my blog, because I promise you I made every single mistake a blogger can make. I started on the wrong platforms, I had to move all of this data from one place to the next, point … [Read More...]